SGCB Mini Polisher Kit

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Introducing the new SGCB battery powered mini polisher. 
Available on pre order.

Safe And Precise Jobs 

  • Unlike Others, Our Tools And Kits Will Never Hurt Your Car And Leave No Scratch! 
  • The Largest Feature Is That It Can Reach Many Small And Narrow Area On You Car And Finish The Tiny Jobs, Which Is Far Away For Other Ones!

Ergonomic Deigned Handle

  • Designed According To The Features Of Human Hands, 
  • The Handle Can Be Gripped And Held Steadily In a Long Time, 
  • Which Will Never Hurt Your Hand Or Make You Feel Pain, 
  • But Just Ease Your Hands And Offer You a Cozy Experience During Your Work!

Universal And Multipurpose Version

  • The Detail Polisher Is Designed For Professional Detailers. 
  • It Can Be Used In Areas Like Car Headlamps, Fog Lights, Brake Lights, 
  • Door Handles, Emblems, Scratch Glass Surfaces, Interior Console Panels Or Small Areas. 
  • Besides, You Can Also Use It To Do Other Polishing Jobs!