SGCB Clay Bar White - Fine

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SGCB clay bar detailing: removes light contamination and grime with ease -

Before using SGCB`s Clay Bar,  you need to make sure the paint work is clean and free of surface dirt.

The Medium Grade Clay is perfect for quick, easy decontamination before a fresh coat of wax, sealant application, or polishing job before finishing up with a Ceramic Coating.

SGCB PERFECT FOR GLASS POLISHED METAL, CLEAR PLASTICS OR PAINTED SURFACES – Contamination builds up over time and when it does, it has no boundaries. You can find it on your windshield, wheels, trim and paint. During the build-up phase, it becomes very apparent that if left untreated, it will ruin your vehicle`s paintwork over time. Use the clay bar to remove fallout, brake dust, hard water spots, or tree sap

150g Claybar