Blue SGCB 3" Buffing Pad Extra Heavy Cut

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EXTRA COMPACTER AND DURABLE LIFESPAN - Adopted By Premium Imported Polyester Sponge Material, The Brand New SGCB Polishing Pad Is Ultra Elastic to Restore the Shape and Compact With The Back Side And Foam Sponge Bonded Tightly And Firmly, Falling-Apart And Peeling-Off Resistant But Never Dropping The Debris In Polishing!

STABLE WORKING PERFORMANCE - The Mini Holes Are Scientifically Distributing Inside The Pad. Flat, Symmetrical And Greatly Elastic For Easily Restoring The Shape After Pressing. Very Breathable For High Ventilation So It Can Avoid The Overheat And Causing The Damages On Car Paint. No Stickiness, No De-lamination And Offering You a Sturdy Polishing Experience!

LOWER GRAVITY CENTER & SUITABLE LIGHTWEIGHT - The Hook and loop backing side is connected tightly with the sponge pad, avoiding dropping in work! The When The Cutting Capacity Is Lower Than That Of Standard Level, The Polishing Layer Will Fall Off Automatically So It Can Always Keep The Cutting Ability But Never Drop The Residue In Polishing! Each Buffing/ Polishing Pad Can Serve Over 10 Cars Under The Normal Work!

Universal Foam Disc Type Used on Both Rotary Polisher Dual Action Polisher But a Necessary Polisher Accessory Tool For Car Lovers And Detailers. Mainly Used For Cutting, Polishing And Finishing Onto Car Paint.