About Us

Question... What do you do during a worldwide pandemic? 

Answer.... Start an online detailing supply company!

Welcome to SGCB Distribution UK Limited. Born after months of trying to source good quality detailing products at low prices.

My name is Katan, i am the Director of SGCB Distribution UK LTD. Like most people who will visit my website, im a keen driveway detailer. Professional - NO! Just a guy who loves keeping his car looking good. 

2 Years ago i set about trying to find quality detailing products at good prices. I could not understand why certain products needed you to sell a kidney! I spoke to the Team over at SGCB Autocare and during the back end of spring 2020 set up SGCB Distribution UK. 

We are the UK Distributor and reseller of official SGCB Autocare products!