KDN Detailing Klein Nano Polisher

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Introducing the KDN Detailing Klein Nano Polisher.

The Klein is a Rotary and Dual Action polisher. The machines is supplied with an counter-weighted adapter that gives you a 9mm throw in dual action mode.

A handy toggle switch is easy to reach when operating the unit. A clear Digital display gives you an accurate speed setting over a dial.

Supplied are 2 12v 2000mAh batteries offering a run time of up to 45mins. This does depend on the speed setting and pressure applied while using the polisher. However, the quick charging system means it can charge a flat battery to full in around 30mins.

There are 2 Aluminium extension rods in the kit. These are 30mm and 65mm in length.

Both the 1” and 2” backing plates have also been upgraded. Originally they had a plastic thread, we felt this was a little weak and upgraded it to metal. Giving a more balanced rotation.

There are in total 22 pads in the kit. These again have been upgraded to the SGCB Brand. Our 3” and 5” pads are fantastic when it comes to paint correction and felt pairing the Klein up would be perfect.

Finally, the Kit is supplied in a soft carry case. Helping you keep the Klein in perfect condition during transport or storage!

12 Month Warranty